A reason to celebrate: First reintroduction successful!


On Wednesday, 15.05.2024, Viorel left the release enclosure. He is a wild-caught lynx from the Romanian Carpathians. © Max Kesberger/Luchs Thüringen

Yesterday, on May 15, 2024, we reached a milestone for conservation in Thuringia and our project: The first two lynxes were successfully reintroduced into the Thuringian Forest. Female lynx Frieda from the Wildcat Village Hütscheroda and male lynx Viorel from the Romanian Carpathians now have the opportunity to establish themselves in their new home and lay the foundation for a stable lynx population.

After several weeks in our soft-release enclosure, during which the animals could acclimate to their new environment, they can now move freely through the Thuringian Forest. Both lynxes wear GPS collars to track their movements and ensure that they settle well into their new habitat.

The first reintroduction is an important step, but our work is far from complete: We will keep you updated on further activities and milestones for the lynxes in Thuringia on our website.