Lynx illegally killed


Lynx LL318m in the Eichsfeld in January. © Luchs Thüringen

At the beginning of June, a male lynx was found dead in the Eichsfeld region of Thuringia, not far from the border with Lower Saxony. The lynx died after losing a front leg as a result of an illegal shooting. We vehemently condemn this brutal act! The killing of a lynx is not a trivial offense and must be investigated with all means available. Since it is still unclear where the shooting took place, we demand close cooperation between the competent authorities on both sides of the state border.

We are particularly concerned about the killing of the lynx, as it was an “old acquaintance.” As a comparison of the fur patterns showed, we regularly photographed the lynx with our cameras in our study area in the Eichsfeld last winter, most recently shortly before the cameras were taken down on 2 May. Presumably, the lynx, which received the ID LL318m, had migrated to the Eichsfeld in the course of 2022.