Behavioral test passed


Lynx Frieda initially relies on its camouflage and eventually flees – just like a lynx in the wild. © Markus Port

The lynxes Frieda and Junior, born in Hütscheroda in 2022, have demonstrated that they exhibit the necessary wariness towards humans, making them suitable candidates for release into the wild.

In collaboration with the Thuringian State Hunting Association, the project team conducted tests to observe how the two animals would behave in the presence of a human. The result: just like wild lynxes! Lynxes typically observe for a considerable time, relying on their excellent camouflage, and then retreat.

A prerequisite for releasing a lynx from captive breeding into the wild is the display of natural behavior. If an animal is too trusting or unusually aggressive, it is not considered suitable for open-field projects.