Lynxes spotted in southern Thuringian Forest


Sighting of a lynx near Gräfenthal, February 2024. © Markus Port

In the southern Thuringian Forest and the Thuringian Slate Mountains, we have been able to confirm the presence of at least two different lynxes in the past few weeks. Since last autumn, we have set up camera traps at a total of 40 locations in the border area with Bavaria. In the adjacent Franconian Forest (Bavaria), sightings of lynxes have been reported to the authorities for some time. We are pleased to see that the territories of these lynxes extend to Thuringia.

Together with the lynxes that we plan to reintroduce in the central Thuringian Forest starting next spring, the lynxes from the Franconian Forest can contribute to establishing a long-term stable lynx population in the Thuringian Forest (and Franconian Forest). We hope that our lynx monitoring efforts initiated in Thuringia can be complemented on the Bavarian side, thereby gaining an even better understanding of the lynxes living in the border area.