Lynx Capture Workshop


Representatives from lynx reintroduction projects in Germany at the lynx capture workshop. © KORA

In lynx projects, there may be situations where a lynx needs to be recaptured. We, from the “Luchs Thüringen” project and other representatives from lynx reintroduction projects in Germany, participated in a workshop on “Lynx Capture” in Switzerland, where there are decades of experience on this topic. The workshop was organized in collaboration between the Institute of Fish and Wildlife Health (FIWI) at the University of Bern and the KORA Foundation. The event covered theoretical foundations and practical exercises, including various capture systems and topics such as chemical immobilization, anesthesia monitoring, transportation, and potential issues during capture.

This workshop was organized through the expert network “Linking Lynx,” which specializes in conserving, monitoring, and managing the Carpathian lynx. The long-term goal of this initiative is to establish a viable metapopulation of Carpathian lynx in Europe, from the Carpathian Mountains to the Jura, Western Alps, and the Dinaric Mountains. More information can be found on the Linking Lynx website.